Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HAIR EXPERTS!! Can u bleach black hair extensions blonde PLS help!?

Hi :) was wondering if I can bleach my black extensions blonde with the rest of my hair or would I need to take them out??? They are human hair. Thanks so much xxHAIR EXPERTS!! Can u bleach black hair extensions blonde PLS help!?
Proceed with caution... Please! Remember that the color that you end up with when bleaching/ removing color has as much to do with the hair that you are starting with as much as what you use to alter the color.

Do a test strand on the extension hair. You are at risk of at least two things happening:

1. the extension hair not matching your own hair even after using the same product.

2. destroying the cuticle of the extension hair-- this can make it impossible to comb through after it is washed

You have to process the extension hair before it is placed in your own.HAIR EXPERTS!! Can u bleach black hair extensions blonde PLS help!?
Yes, but your hair will lighten more then the extentions, it will take several bleachings to remove black color! I am a hairdresser %26amp; colorist for years, and take it from me, it's no easy task it turning black to blonde, but you can leave them in if you like, whatever is easier for you, it's just they will take longer to lighten, hope this helps! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
providing they are natural real hair extentions then yes you can dye them but be very carefull as hey will go orange - best of getting blonde hair extensions or taking them to your local hairdressers and see what they say (can garentee they tell you not to do it though)
yes, you can bleach them blonde, but I would NOT suggest using a box to do so. to lift black from blonde you are probably going to have to double process, and use HEAT and lots of it!! I would suggest taking them out and trying to bleach them without frying them.. this isnt the greatest idea in my opinion
hey yes you can! i actally have black hair intensions that go all the way to my boobs and i got like red streaks throughout the hair instensions soo im pretty sure you can bleach it!

and my hair is human hair too!

good luck

ohh n btw go get a profession to do it!

not a hair experts but yes you can but it might not end up the color you want.. I dye my extensions all the time
If you are gonna bleach your hair the same color as the xtenstions then yes....you have to bleach them.

They will work.
U can try but most like it prolly wont even turn blond because it is black,but i really dont think it will work
yes but try not to keep the bleach in it to long it can mess it up fry the extensions ....
umm u can die it blonde and mayb you should take them out if dont want ur real hair to b bleached.
Rock a weave. just go ahead and do it.

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  1. I got black hair extensions 1b from luxy and have been trying to lighten it a little, and has not worked on my part. So now I am thinking of bleaching it and color it. what do you all think